Refund Policy

  1. All goods exchange or refund can only be made within 7 days from the date of product is received by the buyer. The shipping cost will be fully borne by the Buyer for any goods return and exchange.
  2. Returned goods must be in good condition where the price tag is not been removed. BinNurdin has the right not to accept the returned goods which have been damaged.
  3. All goods can be exchange or refund except: all type of socks, all type of arm sleeves, all type of gloves, and all type of inner.
  4. For any returned goods without exchange, refunded amount will be given in credit(s) in your account.
  5. In the situation where the paid product is out of stock, refunded amount will be given in cash. BinNurdin's admin will assist the Buyer for the transaction process.
  6. BinNurdin has the right to change any of the policies above without prior notice.
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