1. PosLaju National Courier

PosLaju is one of the oldest courier companies in Malaysia. It started in 1986 by delivering international mail under the Express Mail Service (EMS) banner for Pos Malaysia Berhad. Two years later in 1988, it began to offer domestic courier services under the PosLaju brand name.

After 20 years in the business, PosLaju is now undisputed leading courier and express mail service provider in the country. Each year PosLaju has shown steady growth in volume and revenue which reflects the level of confidence and trust given by our valued customers.

PosLaju provides courier service for delivery of documents or packages for both domestic and abroad. PosLaju has unrivalled network coverage in Malaysia with more than 703 Post Office, 355 Mini Post, 56 branches, 5 Service Centres and 24 authorized agents throughout Malaysia.

Awards & Accolades
PosLaju has won numerous industry accolades that cement its position as the leading domestic courier company in Malaysia. All these great achievements will continue to inspire us to work harder and serve our valued customers to the highest level of quality and excellence service.

2. Shipping Zone

Local Shipping

  • Using PosLaju, Bin Nurdin provides shipping at all state within Malaysia 

International Shipping

Using EMS by PosLaju, BinNurdin also provides shipping to these countries in Asia

  • Brunei
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore

Other countries:

  • Australia
  • France
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Finland

If you find that your country is not listed at the above, please do contact our admin at admin@binnurdin.com. We will provide you the shipping cost by email.

3. Shipping Rate

All shipping rate are base on weight. You can find the estimated shipping cost at every items in the website.
For shipping rate details, please refer below:

A. Within Malaysia

1) Weight 0.001kg - 2 kg

StateFirst 500 gmNext 250 gm
Peninsular MalaysiaRM 5.40RM 1.00
SabahRM 7.90RM 2.00
SarawakRM 7.40RM 1.50

2) Weight 2.1 kg and above (not more than 30kg)

StateFirst 2500 gmNext 500 gm
Peninsular MalaysiaRM 16.00RM 2.00
SabahRM 31.00RM 4.00
SarawakRM 26.00RM 3.50

*Please add 15% of fuel surcharge, 10% of handling charge and 6% of SST

*Maximum weight is 30kg

*Estimated delivery time are within 1-2 working days

B. Other Countries*

CountriesFirst 200 gmNext 200 gmMax WeightEstimated Delivery Time 
BruneiRM 65.00RM 3.0030 kg2-4 working days
IndonesiaRM 65.00RM 3.0030 kg2-4 working days
SingaporeRM 56.00RM 2.0030 kg3-4 working days
AustraliaRM 80.00RM 7.0020 kg2-4 working days
FranceRM 105.00RM 9.0030 kg4-6 working days
USARM 105.00RM 9.0030 kg3-6 working days
UKRM 105.00RM 9.0030 kg3-6 working days
CanadaRM 105.00
RM 9.00
30 kg
3-6 working days
ItalyRM 105.00
RM 9.00
30 kg
3-6 working days
Saudi ArabiaRM 105.00
RM 9.00
30 kg
3-6 working days
NetherlandsRM 105.00
RM 9.00
30 kg
3-6 working days
BelgiumRM 105.00
RM 9.00
30 kg
3-6 working days
SpainRM 105.00
RM 9.00
30 kg
3-6 working days
FinlandRM 105.00
RM 9.00
30 kg
3-6 working days

* All rates above are in Ringgit Malaysia. All currency exchange will be made according to the latest current exchange

*Please add 25% of fuel surcharge

* Please note that delivery time stated above are subject to customs clearance at destination countries

4. Tracking Number

All delivery item will have it own unique tracking number. Please track the given unique tracking number by clicking here.

*Please note that all delivery will be charged for RM1.00 for packaging handling fee.

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